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What is this site about?
I would love to know the answer to this question, so please do tell, hehe.
In all seriousness, I am just person who likes to doodle. I also like to think of new ways to get into peoples minds, when talking about serious issues, like illness. If looking at a daft cartoon makes it easier for some people, then that is a great thing.
I am also using this site as a way to mark my doodling progress. It hopefully might encourage people in two ways, firstly by checking out their bodies and being more self aware and secondly, maybe they will be inspired to pick up a pencil and start doodling. So it may be starting with doodles about Breast Self Exam, but who knows what it will end up as.

Where did the idea for the breast self exam doodles come from?
I have been blogging for over four years now, and in 2008, a lot of the blogs I was reading, where doing something in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To be honest I wasn't very aware of it, so I just doodled some daft doodles, which you can see by clicking here

They were fun to do, people seemed to like them and that was that, or so I thought.
A few weeks ago I had a few emails from people asking to use the doodles from 2008, for various awareness projects. At first I was just going to say sure, do what you like with them. Then I thought why not draw some new ones? As the old ones were pretty shitty and you have all these new paints, pens and paper!! My inner child was more than happy to draw some new ones.

 Translate Them
I am also on quest to translate the doodles into as many languages as possible! Read this post to find out more 'Universal Language of doodle'. So far I have the Breast Self Exam doodles in English, Spanish, French and Dutch. German, Norwegian and many more are coming very soon! Please let me know if you can help with any other languages.

What next?
I have been quite frankly overwhelmed by how much everyone seems to like them! My head needed draining, as the ego swelling was getting too much (haha).  As 2010 is coming to a close, I have already started on the new doodles for the translated posts and will probably be updating the actual 'Breast Self Exam' doodles once more.I thought I might tackle Testicular Self Exam doodles next and hopefully this blog could prove to be a really fun, but slightly useful resource for people looking for information about self examination.

Do you just like doodling naughty bits?

Can I use them?
If you want to use the doodles for something please just ask! I won’t go into an uber legal piece of text stating all kinds of things regards the illustrations. The  site is here to encourage people to be more self aware and maybe even inspire them to pick up pens & brushes themselves. The only thing that I want the point out is the following: TJ & I are the artists of the illustrations, therefore the copyright stays with us. No modifications are allowed, unless you contact us and we come to some sort of agreement. You can however, make prints/copies of the illustrations for personal use or in projects.

The only thing that I request is that I would love to know when you will use it and for what you’ll use it for. Stories & pictures are truly appreciated! This way I can see how the project evolves through time and how people respond to them. A Breast Self Exam Doodle Poster will soon be available for download!

My name is Claire, you can find out more about me, if for some reason you are interested, over at my blog A little piece of me and by following my twitterings @crpitt.


  1. Hi Claire,
    I am currently writing a post on my foodblog for Pinktober and plan to use your doodles to show people about self exam.

    Is this ok for you?
    Would like to use one or two of your drawings in the post and then link to this site.

  2. @Astrid

    You are more than welcome to use some :)

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