Google+ Self Exam Doodles: Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Self Exam doodles are not all about BOOBS, it also about the balls! Think of it as the yin and yang of doodle self exams...Okay that sounds hideous, but when I started with the breast self examination doodles, I looked at a lot of what was currently out there and saw that the testicular self examination illustrations where not that fun. Hang on they are not meant to be fun! Why not? Although it may be for a serious disease, looking for problems and signs of a problem is a positive step and I am sure some fun is involved whilst having a squish?

I started an interesting discussion on twitter about the inclusion of hair in the doodles. It was pointed out that no hair is doodled, because you want a clear idea about what needs to seen and felt. If you have any strong feelings about the doodles being hairy or not, then please leave me a comment! I don't want the hairy folk to feel left out.

So check this space! Ball inspection will be with you shortly, sometime in November I am thinking. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month after all and I would like the attention firmly focused on the bosoms for this time.

Check back soon, but check your balls in the meantime!

UK Charities to check out... Everyman, Orchid, Macmillan and The Mark Gorry Foundation each one is full of information and ideas.


  1. Squish, Testicles, and Fun... Three words that just don't go well together.

  2. Hey Mr Freak Smack, maybe squish is not the best word. Think of a nice relaxing bath and copping a feel of your naughty bits?

    That better?


  3. Yikes! I really like your blog.


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