Google+ Self Exam Doodles: Breast Self Exam

Breast Self Exam

Hello! Greetings and thanks for looking at this doodle breast self exam, I hope you enjoy it and remember to check your boobs regularly.

If you reach the end of the doodles, you will see that the doodles are available in other languages. It is just English, Spanish, French and Dutch for now, but hopefully more coming soon. I hope this encourages you to share these doodles with more people! 

Step 1 - Examine your breasts in the shower

Step 2. Examine your breasts in the mirror

Step 3. Stand and press your fingers on your breast

Step 4. Lie down and repeat Step 3

Step 5. Squeeze your nipples

Step 6. Stay Boobalicious

Available in other languages!

For the Dutch version of the Breast Self Exam please - Klik hier
French version - Click here 


  1. Thank you!!! Beautiful work!!!!! genious!!!!!

  2. Oh thank you very much :)

    Updating the site very soon with new ladies!

  3. Adorable AND educational! :-)

  4. hey, love the dodles ..
    and what a great project ..

    why dont u submit this blog for the BOBs Awards (Deutsche Welle Best of Blogs Awards).. submission opened till March 11th ..


  5. Breast cancer it is very important question so i hope your drawings help lot of women to understand that. I had a friend who worked on an important Hospital of Bsrcelona and saw lot of this cases because they DIDNT explore her breasts.

  6. Very cute. Short, sweet and to the, um, point. ;-) I love how the girl in the French version has 'French' hair. Trop mignon. Sharing now...


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