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Sunday, 10 October 2010

World Mental Health Day 2010

Today is World Mental Health Day 2010

wmhd2010 earth text

Although this site is focused on the things that you can check for physically, I just wanted to mention the importance of checking yourself out mentally too.
Any physical illness can affect your mental health and the loved ones that care for you. Many cancer charities offer emotional support for those diagnosed and their family members, please take advantage of this, especially if you feel a little lost and need someone to talk to.


  1. I love her eyes! She looks so dreamy.

    I think mental illnesses are the most taken for granted type of illnesses out there. People can easily think you're overreacting, because they can't see that something is wrong. Wasn't it the case in the States that anti-depressives were easily given out by the docs? And they people got addicted to it?

  2. I meant 'and that people got addicted to it'

    Coffee is needed!

  3. Thanks TJ, hopefully the more we talk about these things, the more we can do to get rid of the awful stigma attached to mental illness.

    I think lots of people believe that medication is over prescribed, some doctors would rather hand out pills than provide therapy. But on the other hand medication really helps some people, so we need to be able to talk about these things!

    /hands out coffee


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