Google+ Self Exam Doodles: The Dutch Connection

Monday, 11 October 2010

The Dutch Connection

As mentioned in the 'Universal Language of Doodle', TJ was next in line to translate the Breast Self Exam Doodles. Not only has she translated the doodles, she has also done this awesome doodle to introduce the Dutch version of the Breast Self Exam.

Who is TJ? You can read all about her here 'A Look in a Creative Mind', which is her blog about creativity and the wonderful illustrations that she is currently working on. I created this site, because I love doodling and I wanted to do something cool and worthwhile whilst improving my doodle skills. TJ has been a doodle mentor of sorts, recommending paper, watercolour techniques and drawing styles, basically a fountain of doodle knowledge for me! In fact she provided that paper that I doodled the Breast Self Exam doodles on, which is lucky, because the paper I was going to use, is like toilet paper in comparison.

So far it has been wonderful collaborating with fellow bloggers like Diana and TJ, on this project, as I know they are on hand if I needed help again. Having someone I know translate the doodles also adds the personal touch I was going for, without any scary google translator mishaps. So if you want to join in and help with the translations, then have a read of this post and let me know.

The first of many Lubrano ~ Pitt Collaborations (I hope)
For the Dutch version of the Breast Self Exam please - Klik hier

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