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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

International Ladies...Coming Soon

Things have been a wee bit quiet on the blogging front, because all the work has been going on at doodle central instead. Doodle Central being my room, where I draw stuff, nowhere actually exciting, like The Bat Cave. I don't even have curtains, so it's not 'cave like' at all.
Anyhoo, I have been carrying on with my plans to take over the world, one Breast Self Exam doodle translation at a time. With the help of my doodle partner in crime TJ Lubrano from 'A Look in a Creative Mind', we have gotten another  load of languages to add to the already melting pot of cultures! Woo Hoo. Soon the whole world will know to give themselves a squidge and check for lumps and bumps.
In order for the translated pages to look cool and be easily identified, I am creating a mascot type lady for each version, a sneak peak of which you can see below.  Miss TJ is also joining me on this project, so some very very cool things are to come!
International Ladies Collage
Obviously this makes the whole process take a lot longer, but I am using the time to produce something that I am proud of and that hopefully it is something that people get some value from.


  1. Love the barmaid with the pretzel!

  2. Hahaha - I feel right at home in that one...

  3. Your doodles are getting more and more detailed. Which means only one thing: you're enjoying drawing them more and more.

  4. Har! I love the chupacabra in the kitchen. Viva Mexico!

  5. *stares at picture* You know I love it ^_^!!!

    Yay!! Fun times ahead!!

  6. Fantastic! Love each and every one, though I'm partial to the Dutch girl. Love the litle gnome in the corner!

  7. How bloody rude of me, totally forgot to reply to emails here!

    @Tricia, That is the German/Bavarian lady, glad you like her!

    OOps had to delete first reply, as I wrote glad you lick her, haha.

    @Stine! Well you are responsible/to blame for her :) Hopefully updating the site with the translations... soon!

    @Nothing profound, a great observation my friend! :) :)

    @Lovy, yay! You got that it was a chupacabra! Mwah!

    @TJ, Stop staring, more drawing! hehe :)

    @Janene, hey! Hope you are well? I love the things that people spot in the drawings and love, it makes all the little details worth it :)


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